“There is but one horizon. There are countless means of getting there.” – K. Esteban the Walker

Great Horizons is a game of growth. From the pain of an oppressive ruler to the weight of kingship, the game follows a party of adventurers throughout their lives, weaving a tale of intrigue and suspense.

Though the world around the characters moves on, an arc of stories put into motion, the majority of the campaign develops gradually, often spontaneously, such that the ultimate plot of the story reveals itself only a little at a time (even to me).

My goal is to provide a setting to let the characters themselves determine the direction. The current situations include the overwhelming taxation by the unseen Baron Donns, the revelation of Ossetia’s captivity and isolation under her Sorcerer King, and the disappearance of the mighty empire of Bael Turath. I’ve provided these to give some context for the players to perhaps take on more personal stories.

As this game grows, so does our experience and confidence in roleplaying.

Game on!

Great Horizons

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