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The Kingdom of Ossetia 5 Things

- Ruled by the mostly absent King Leander, Ossetia is divided up into 5 baronies:

Nord – The northernmost barony under the suspcious, miserly Lorand Donns, a poorer nation with few natural resources – Orie – Eastern barony under the hot-headed dwarven Borumm Glintshield, on the Dragon Spine mountain range, a more wealthy mining industry tends to govern – Lansi – Western state who’s baron died some years past, since replaced by a council of trade leaders, Lansi is known for its craftsmen (though small scale), and shares fishing and waterborn trade with Suud – Suud – Southernmost barony, rich with trade, fishing, and fairly abundant natural resources, under the reign of Baron Zane Griff, first inheritor – Urak – Southeastern barony, a sparse land on the other side of the (rain barrier) Dragon Spines, engaged in trade but also highly independant under the wise Balim of the Waves

- Ossetia is alone, having no contact with any peoples outside of her reign. They do not seem to be there to find. Instead, Ossetia grows of it’s own intra-barony trade.

- Ossetia is just now beginning to emerge from a dark age of stagnation. A new generation is searching out the unknowns that their parent generation had left alone. Learning is the sciences, magic, history, even extra-local going’s on is largely lost, though slowly reviving itself, though not without significant tensions.

- Throughout Ossetia are old, even ancient, remnants of a long and varied past since buried by time or lost from memory. They provide the keys to a larger world.

-It has been about 16 years since King Leander united the warlord barons under his rule, but as the barons begin to die-off or leave service, a new era seems to be on the horizon for Ossetia – for better or for worse.

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